8 Benefits of Time Tracking Software

In this article, I’ll go over the eight reasons why your company should start using time-tracking software. I will also suggest some well-reviewed time-tracking software you can try for free to know what time-tracking software you will implement for your teams. So, make sure you read the whole article.

What is Time Tracking Software?

It is a tool that enables users to track their time at work or others’ time. Managers and workers can benefit from using time-tracking software to accurately record working hours for later reporting, accounting, and auditing processes. Usually, they automatically generate invoices or payroll based on how much time employees spend on specific tasks. They can also help users plan project budgets by revealing operational details, like which tasks consume the most time and money from employees.

Why use Time Tracking Software?

Freelancers usually use time-tracking software to generate invoices based on their time working on a project so their clients can bill them accurately. So, if your business occasionally employs freelance workers to assist with tasks, you can quickly pay them at their hourly rate with the help of time-tracking software.

Freelancers aren’t the only ones who benefit from time-tracking software; remote businesses do too. Time tracking is used by hybrid and remote teams to ensure that all employees are paid fairly and to encourage team members to be accountable and responsible when working remotely. Some managers or the owner of remote businesses sometimes wonder if their employees are working honestly. As a result, they mostly use time-tracking software because it proves that they are working on their tasks. Additionally, it motivates team members to work efficiently and contribute equally.

Who uses a time tracker?

  • Sales teams
  • Marketing agencies
  • Developers teams
  • Designers
  • Professional consultants
  • Law firms
  • Virtual assistant services

There are also many ways in which Wrike online time-tracking software can help improve both employers’ and workers’ day-to-day operations. Here are eight (8) ways your organization can benefit from using the time-tracking feature:

Fast, precise billing

Time tracking improves the effectiveness of both client billing and time-based payroll. Billable timekeeping allows employers and businesses to pay workers fairly and charge clients fairly for the time they put in. Time tracking software typically has a built-in stopwatch and a feature to indicate whether or not logged time can be billed. In addition, most time-tracking software now includes an invoicing feature that instantly creates invoices based on your employee’s logged hours, saving you time.


By keeping tabs on how much time workers spend on various tasks, managers can see what’s getting done and what is falling through the cracks. When information is readily available, managers can assess whether or not their teams have adequate time and resources to complete their work. Employers can reevaluate and optimize time-consuming tasks to no longer disrupt workers’ productivity. Tracking time allows managers to understand which project parts require a workforce and much time.

Increased accountability

Time tracking allows managers to see which employee did which task, when it was done, and how long it took. Since workers know they are being monitored, they are more likely to give their full attention to their tasks and finish them on schedule. As a result, productivity may rise, and bottleneck may decrease.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Time tracking software allows managers to see how much time their teams actually spend on various projects. This information can then be used to create a strategy in which more time is allotted to the tasks most likely to result in high-quality deliverables. In addition, assigning tasks and deadlines in advance gives employees a sense of purpose and direction, increasing their motivation and productivity.

Avoid micromanaging

All employees dislike having their managers or bosses micromanage them. Micromanaging your employees will result in decreased productivity and efficiency. It is also one of the causes of employee burnout and poor performance at work. Managers who don’t want to be too intrusive can use time-tracking software to see how productive their employees are without having to check in with them at their desks physically. And you can have a discussion with any employee who is having issues with their time sheets at a later time.

Better Work-life balance

If you have time tracking software, you can see who is putting in extra hours and whether or not they are being paid for it. You can use this information to determine how to reward hardworking employees with a raise or some other form of recognition and avoid overburdening them with unnecessary work. The more you know how long your employees spend on various tasks, the better you can devise a strategy to avoid overburdening them and causing them to burn out. This can aid in the management of both their personal and professional lives, thereby reducing stress. Having a time tracker can help your team be more productive and improve your employees’ work-life balance.

Provide an accurate report

Most time tracking tools let you generate reports detailing your activity on a given date. Some time trackers tools have a filter and sort option so you quickly check the specific data you are looking for. And not only that. Human error can be avoided with time-tracking software.

Project cost optimization

Keeping track of time spent on a project and money spent on that project is one of the benefits of using a time-tracking system. This can be used to optimize project costs or gain insight into how you can allocate your team’s time and energy more productively.

What time tracking software to use?

Here are the five time-tracking software we recommend giving a try:



Activities Monitoring Feature of timeCamp

TimeCamp is a time-tracking software that can accurately measure the amount of time a team spends on a specific computer activity. Advertising, software development, legal, and consulting companies can all benefit from this time-tracking application.


Free: 100% free plan for unlimited users, with unlimited projects and one integration with an external app.

Basic: $7.99 user/mon. A basic plan is recommended for small agencies and business owners for simple time tracking.

Pro: $10.99 user/mon. A pro plan is recommended for freelancers & teams interested in billing, approval workflow, and proof of work by screenshots.

Enterprise: For the TimeCamp enterprise plan, you can contact us directly so we can help you implement and onboard your teams. Enterprise enables you to customize TimeCamp to your custom needs.


Features of TimeCamp

Automatic time-tracking – Use this function to help you concentrate on your tasks. Your apps’ domain names are automatically scanned by TimeCamp and sorted into categories.

Productivity Tracking – Document everything you do throughout the day at work. Learn effective methods for prioritizing tasks and maintaining attention to what really matters.

Time tracking reports – Learn critical data about your teams and projects.

Custom billing rates – Marking tracked time as billable or non-billable through TimeCamp’s billing feature speeds up invoicing and resource management thanks to this fantastic feature.

Timesheet approvals – There will be no more manual timekeeping. To top it all off, it streamlines the approval procedure and encourages teamwork.

Attendance tracking – With this function, TimeCamp will take care of tracking employee attendance for you. Payroll, traditionally a source of stress at the end of the month, can now be automated. In addition, TimeCamp can identify overtime work to prevent employee burnout.



Time Tracking feature of Clockify

Clockify is free time tracking software that includes a timer, timesheet, and other online tools to help you keep track of billable and unbillable hours, monitor team activities, and boost efficiency. Free for an unlimited number of users and projects.


Free: Forever Free

Basic: Administration. $3.99 per user/month annually or 4.99 monthly.

Standard: Timesheet & Billing. $5.49 per user/month annually or 6.99 monthly.

Pro: Productivity & Profit. $7.99 per user/month annually or 9.99 monthly.

Enterprise: Control & security $11.99 per user/month annually or 14.99 monthly.

Features of Clockify

Timekeeping Features:

Time tracker – You can start and stop the timer with a single click or manually enter your time.

Timesheet – You can record your weekly activities in less than a minute.

Kiosk – Clock in with your PIN code from a shared device.

Calendar – Visualize your time and block out activities

Apps – Clockify is available for desktop and mobile apps.

Integration – Connect Clockify to your favorite application seamlessly.

Reporting Features:

Dashboard – See where you spend time and what your team is working on.

Reports – See who worked on what and how much money you earned, review your team’s time, and export the data.

Projects – See visited sites and what you’ve worked on.

Activities – Track time on projects and keep an eye on progress and budget.

Management Features:

Team – Invite an unlimited number of users to your account.

Time off – Track your team’s holidays and time off requests.

Expenses – Record fixed fees and other project expenses.

Scheduling – Plan projects and visualize the team’s capacity.

Approval – Officially approve your team’s timesheets and expenses.

Invoicing – Issue invoices based on tracked time, expenses, and hourly rates.

Toggle Track

Toggle Track

Toggle interface

Toggl Track is a time-tracking app that allows you to track your daily activities across different platforms, providing you with detailed insights and an opportunity to optimize your workflow by identifying areas where you can improve.


Free: Free for up to 5 users with unlimited time tracking and unlimited projects, clients, and tags.

Starter: For small teams. $9 user/month.

Premium: Advance tools. $18 user/month.

Enterprise: Offer wider solutions for larger organizations.

Features of Toggle Track

Time TrackingThis function’s offline tracking and calendar view ensures precise timekeeping.

Reporting – view your data in real-time and apply filters and sorting to get a clearer picture. Your reports can be exported to CSV, PDF, or Excel and shared with others.

Project Management – This function ensures that your projects are completed promptly. Project Dashboard allows you to plan, allocate resources, and monitor development.

Integration – The toggle can be integrated with your existing software. It has extensions for Chrome and Firefox and can integrate with over a hundred other tools. When the Toggl Track browser extension is installed, the timer becomes integral to the online app’s UI, allowing you to begin tracking time without leaving the current tab.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Interface of time Doctor

Time Doctor is an effective tool for managing employee performance and monitoring their productivity, which businesses of all sizes use to boost efficiency. This mobile and desktop app helps monitor the productivity of freelancers and remote employees.


Free: Time Doctor has a 14-day free trial where you can access employee monitoring software.

Basic: $70 per user/year or $7 per user/month

Standard: $100 per user/year or $10 per user/month

Premium: $200 per user/user or $20 per user/month

Features of Time Doctor

Time Tracking & Employee Monitoring:

This feature makes it easy to keep tabs on how much time you and your employees spend on various tasks throughout the day. Time Doctor provides an overview of how much time was dedicated to each client, project, and task. Also, pattern analysis is made easier by the daily and weekly summary emails. Time tracking, client billing, and employee payment are all easier.

Online Timesheets & Payroll

This allows supervisors to approve employee timesheets and pay them based on either an hourly rate or a set salary quickly and easily. You can set up payroll however you like, with a selection of payroll periods and the ability to use any currency. You can use any payment method you like (including PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, etc.) without incurring any additional fees.

Project Management & Budgeting

With this feature, you can do everything from planning to execution with ease. Time Doctor allows your team to implement different project management budgeting methods so that your organization can concentrate on what really matters. Project reports clarify where time is wasted, so you can cut down on that immediately.

Productivity Measuring & Summary Reports

You can see who is working on what and when by looking at screenshots of actual activity. Time Doctor also generates weekly and daily summary reports that detail work sessions down to the individual task, client, and website.

Distraction Alerts

Alerts for potential sources of distraction can help keep you and your colleagues focused on what really needs to get done while you’re at work.

Screenshots, Screen Recording, & Activity Levels

Customers can dig deeper into workflows and behaviors with the help of screenshots and screen recordings provided by Time Doctor.

Track on all devices

Time Doctor is cross-platform and is therefore available for use with any computer or mobile device running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, or Chrome OS.

My Hours

My Hours

My Hour interface

Freelancers and businesses alike can benefit significantly from using My Hours. The software has elements that are helpful to freelancers, such as a dashboard that shows total and billable hours, costs, and customizable reports, as well as the ability to set and modify billable rates. You and your team members can discuss any discrepancies in the comments section. The ability to send reports and invoices to customers via email streamlines interactions.


Free: My Hours is free and unlimited forever. For those just getting started with monitoring work hours.

Pro: $6 per user/annually or $7 monthly. The time-management experts for solo professionals and productive groups.

Features of My Hours

Organize Project
  • You can assign a project to a client set as billable or not billable.
  • Add task and project members
  • Free task and project templates
Project budgeting
  • Add a budget
  • Advance Budgeting
  • Estimate budget per tasks
Track time and expenses
  • One click to start a timer or add your time manually
  • Add versatile descriptions to the time log
  • Add an attachment to specific time log
Set billing rates
  • Flexible billable rates
  • Round time
  • Mark logs as billable
Track your cost
  • Set team member hourly rate
  • Track your expenses
  • Calculate balance
Manage your team
  • Add unlimited team members for free
  • Flexible role
  • View past and current time logs of your team
Team workflow
  • Add, edit, or delete logs of your team
  • Required approvals for teams logs from admins
  • Remind your team to track time
  • Advance customize reports
  • Download reports
  • Analyze your time
  • Send invoices easily
  • Customizable invoice
  • Download as PDF format or send them via email

Final Thoughts

Time tracking software is becoming an increasingly popular tool to optimize workflow, manage time and increase efficiency. With the growing need for productivity and efficiency, time tracking software provides an effective solution for businesses to manage their time and resources better.

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