Wrike Case Studies: How Are Big Businesses Reacting to Wrike?

Perhaps you’re curious about the types of businesses that utilize Wrike and the results they’ve seen from using the platform. Read Wrike case studies if you’re curious about the benefits that businesses see from using Wrike as their project management software.

Wrike Case Studies: Satisfied Customers’ Feedback About Wrike

Wrike case studies will help you to learn details about Wrike project management software and you can decide to use it for your organization. Let’s see what Wrike customers are saying about it:

1. Nickelodeon


Industry: Media and Entertainment

Nickelodeon is a cable television channel located in the United States that focuses on children’s programs. It is one of the highest-rated networks in cable television history.

Jeff Hartlieb, a Project Director for Nickelodeon, chose Wrike, according to the Wrike case studies, to assist his team to be more efficient.

Just how does Wrike improve Hartlieb’s group’s workflow? Well, as Hartlieb puts it, this application finally put an end to their long-standing issue of having to deal with a complex business via email and countless meetings.

They also appreciate how Wrike’s intuitive interface makes it possible to quickly start making use of the platform’s many useful features.

The Hartlieb team also enjoys some further Wrike advantages:

  • Wrike allows them to prioritize and streamline their workflows more effectively.
  • Wrike’s built-in proofing feature also improved the process of reviewing and collaborating on creative assets for Hartlieb’s team. Using proofing, they were able to simply manage review activities, provide in-context input for each asset, and alert approvers instantly when assets were ready for review.
  • The Nickelodeon Location-based Experiences Group can use Wrike’s automatic integration to make the most of other systems they already use for their work, such as Google Docs, Slack, Teams, Illustrator, and PDF. Hartlieb claims this is also contributing to their increased productivity. Check out Wrike’s seamless integration options with all other popular applications.
  • Wrike’s flexibility in making its features accessible from anywhere—on a home computer, at the office, or even on a mobile device—helped the Hartlieb team strike a better work-life balance. This facilitates working together at the convenience of each individual.

2. Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada

Industry: Retail

The Canadian branch of Walmart first opened its doors in 1994. As of now, it has 400 stores around the country and serves over 1.2 million people daily. It has more than 11,500 stores that operate under 55 banners in 27 countries.

The Wrike case studies claim that Walmart Canada has improved productivity by using the tool to centralize and standardize information, structure and contextualize projects, gain insight from critical analytics and dashboard views, and automate project approvals of the automation process in Wrike.

How Walmart Canada has benefited from adopting Wrike:

  • As a result of using Wrike, they are better able to manage their initiatives so that they mesh with the company’s overall goal.
  • According to Nicole Fakhri, Walmart Canada’s manager of continuous improvement, with Wrike, they can see the big picture of their team’s accomplishments. Having visibility at both the project and portfolio levels is quite beneficial for monitoring whatever it is they’re aiming to monitor.
  •  Their first supply chain data summit involved collecting everyone’s data needs via a request form and incorporating them into a larger initiative. As a result, the divisions now have access to a complete set of data in a centralized location.
  • According to Carolyn Lum, Walmart Canada’s Senior Manager of Continuous Improvement, Wrike’s team assisted Walmart Canada in the full deployment and training of their transport crew. The Wrike team eventually assisted them in maintaining their progress by scheduling weekly meetings.

3. Syneos Health

Syneos Health

Industry: Clinical Research

Since its founding in 1984, Syneos Health has been the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization with a core mission of maximizing client success. Syneos employs 28,000 highly trained experts who provide services all around the world.

As a means of increasing efficiency, Syneos Health adopted Wrike as their project management platform due to its ability to provide real-time visibility into project pipelines, detailed status updates, and a single management system that allowed them to map out their whole workflow, from conceptualization to actualization.

According to Sherrie Besecker, Creative Technology Manager at Syneos Health, Wrike turned out that Wrike was the only solution that could handle the team’s extensive and intricate needs.

The Wrike platform provided Syneos Health with the following advantages:

  • With Wrike, Syneos Health can keep tabs on their projects at all times.
  • With the use of automated statuses and dashboards as well as a unified and streamlined work intake inbox, Syneos Health teams were able to start new projects with ease, which in turn accelerated their ability to complete existing projects on time and to high standards.
  • The teams at Syneos Health had all they needed to execute their job effectively because of the company’s use of blueprints, which included the creation of component libraries and their connection via unified and standardized forms.

4. The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

Industry: Cosmetics

The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc., is an American international cosmetics company that has been in business since 1946. The firm produces and sells a wide variety of beauty items, including cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, and hair care.

The Estee Lauder Companies tested with a variety of software tools like Workfront, Excel, Teams, SharePoint, and Asana in an attempt to determine what would help them work more efficiently and effectively. However, none of these are what their organization needs. Afterwards, Estee Lauder Companies decided to try Wrike and were blown away by the platform’s adaptability.

Advantages Wrike has provided to Estee Lauder Companies:

  • The creatives at Estee Lauder Companies are able to use Wrike more efficiently to produce high-quality assets because of the platform’s intuitive interface and improved functionality.
  • Tom Ford Beauty Global Marketing’s VP of Creative Operations and Acceleration, Tom Alpers, claims that with everything centralized in Wrike, the company can swiftly adopt any modifications to the creative processes and keep everyone on track in real-time. Timelines and Gantt charts have made what was formerly a complex procedure much more accessible and understandable.
  • When Estee Lauder Companies went remote because of the pandemic, the Wrike team onboarded them with remarkable ease. They had no problems adjusting to working remotely because the Wrike team was always there to help them out.

After using Wrike, they are now excited to explore all the great features of the tool that will greatly help their company even more.

5. Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures

Industry: Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment is a media and entertainment studio based in the United States that produces, acquires, and distributes motion pictures. Additionally, it is a branch of Sony Group Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo. Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. was established in 1987 under the name Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc. Products include movies, TV shows, online games, and mobile entertainment, all of which are offered to customers all over the world.

Sony Pictures Entertainment reviewed 25 various tools in order to identify the one that meets the needs of their creative teams in the US and around the world. They also want a product that will provide higher management with the visibility and reporting they need to showcase the effectiveness of the Creative Centers across Sony’s entire business, and after reviewing all of the options, they have decided on Wrike as their ultimate tool.

Factors that led to Sonny selecting Wrike:

  • As a result of the pandemic, they have been working remotely and they have found that Wrike greatly facilitates their ability to get their creative teams’ work done in a timely fashion while also fostering greater collaboration among team members.
  • Wrike helped them cut their email by up to 90%.
  • The reporting module in Wrike is effective as well as incredibly user-friendly, so the creative team can get instant feedback on how their efforts are being received by internal stakeholders.
  • Sony’s Creative Centers utilize Wrike’s reporting services to keep clients updated and guarantee the highest possible standard of work.
  • Nicki Batelli, SPT’s VP of Operations & Production, Creative Center, says that with Wrike, they were able to centralize their creative teams under a unified platform, improving transparency across all of their projects and assets. They also appreciate being able to collect KPIs, projects, clients, and progress from all of the world’s creative hubs in one place.

In this article, you’ve read a few testimonials from satisfied Wrike customers. Wrike case studies might help you to decide to use Wrike PM software. With the most flexible tool at their fingertips, employees can complete their tasks with ease and boost their productivity, allowing them to achieve the results they want for the organization. Wrike project management customer satisfaction makes it different from other project management software.

If you want to learn more about how Wrike can benefit organizations, read all of their satisfied customers’ feedback.

Email us if you’re interested in getting started with Wrike and want to experience for yourself what these large corporations have experienced.

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