How to Boost Real Estate Revenue with Wrike?

Do you run a real estate company and want a solution to help you manage your staff, improve workflow, and grow your business in one year? Surely the goal of the owner and its employee in the real estate industry is to help expand the company’s reach and boost revenues. For this reason, we are confident to help boost Real Estate revenue with Wrike if you complete your projects successfully and check your employee’s work. Keep reading the post if you want to find out how.

Before we get into how Wrike can benefit a real estate company, let’s define what a real estate company is.

What is a Real Estate?

Real estate has four types, and the main categories are commercial, industrial, land, and residential. The term “real estate refers to both the land or naturally occurring modifications to the land, such as a house.

How You Can Boost Real Estate Revenue with Wrike

Wrike cloud-based project management software helps businesses of all sizes work more efficiently and collaboratively. Its primary purpose is to consolidate all your resources in one convenient location, making it easier for you and your team to communicate, share ideas, and work together on projects and tasks outside the scope of traditional project management.

Here are some of Wrike’s capabilities that can help boost Real Estate revenue:

Instant Team Collaboration

Coordinate the efforts of diverse groups and ensure the satisfaction of your company’s stakeholders through close collaboration. Reduce wasted time and maximize productivity by streamlining the review and approval process and sending approval requests to the appropriate parties. Instead of waiting until after a client conversation to share updates via email or the phone, team members can see each other’s updates as they happen in Wrike, allowing them to collaborate better in serving the clients. This boosts the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

According to Kassandra Taggart, a President and Owner of Real Property Management and a certified Wrike user, the ability of Wrike to enable her employees to collaborate faster leads to fast service delivery.

Improve the flow of operations

Reduce the time it takes to launch new projects by using a template. Real Property Management, a real-estate company, uses two features of Wrike, the project templates and task checklist, to manage over 80% of operational tasks. Taggart has stated that one of her favorite features is the template, which allows her to establish a standard and then recycle the same procedures often to increase clarity and uniformity.

As a result of Wrike’s efficiency-boosting features, a real estate firm could take on 25% more clients than expected.

The second feature Real-Estate company uses in Wrike is the dashboard widgets that serve as task checklists. Once the employees open their department’s dashboard, they can view all tasks that must be prioritized on a specific date.

Elevated levels of transparency and responsibility

If you want a tool that can record business data processes, then you need Wrike. With Wrike, you can quickly and easily collect all the data required to answer any questions clients may have regarding the company’s procedures, project management workflows, or time stamps.

The process is transparent, and teams can self-manage the task assigned to them to deliver the services the clients need. The clients can access your team’s dashboard, so if they have questions or follow-up requests, you and your teams can answer or complete them.

Work or Update on the go

The Wrike app can be used on a computer or a mobile device. You can download the desktop file to avoid destruction from multiple tabs on your browser. It helps you focus on your task. While away from your workstation, you may instantly open your mobile phone and instantly see the project, task status, and what your team is working on.

Still not sure about Wrike’s ability to assist you? Contact us, and we’ll go over how to use Wrike as your project management software in further detail.

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