Integrate Your Team’s Favorite Software with Wrike Seamless Integration

Do you prefer project management tools that function well with the programs you already use at work? No need to be worried; Wrike has your back! Wrike makes it easy to integrate your team’s favorite software with a single click. Having a seamless transition from one app to another will benefit your team’s overall experience. With the help of the Wrike app and its integrations, your team will be able to generate more output in less time. Check out the case study of how big businesses use Wrike to increase their productivity.

Want to find out which applications Wrike integrates with? Read this article to see which popular applications can be integrated with Wrike.

What is Software Integration?

The term “software integration” is used to describe the process of incorporating individual software components into a larger whole. Because of the integration, all these applications can now share the same central database.

If your company uses Wrike for project management but also relies on a separate program to do a specific activity, it will benefit from having easy access to both programs. Now you need to discover if your current project management software is compatible with that app; if it is, you may launch the app directly from your project management software.

If you’re asking why you need an integrated project management system, the answer is simple: even if you have a robust project management solution, you’ll still need some applications to properly manage your project and enable your team to use tools like Google Drive for storing data, Microsoft Team for team collaboration, Gmail for collecting work, organizing tasks, and many more.

The advantage of integration is that when it works properly and efficiently, it will help your business move more quickly and make everyone more productive.

After learning what software integration is and why it’s important for businesses, we’ll go on to exploring the different programs that can be used in tandem with Wrike.

Wrike Seamless Integration with Other Popular Applications

Here are some of the 400+ popular applications that work seamlessly with Wrike:

Customer Relation Management Software’s (CRM)


Salesforce (via Unito)

Hubspot (via Unito)




Test Lodge

Azure DevOps (via Unito)

Email Integration



Email Integration

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Wrike for Windows and Mac


iOS App


Microsoft Team



MS Project

MS Excel

Microsoft Office 365 Add-in

Single Sign On

SAML integration

Okta integration

Microsoft integration

File Storage


Google Drive


Office Timeline

Adobe Creative

Wrike To-do List

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Wrike for Windows and Mac


iOS App

Business Intelligence


Working from a unified platform reduces the chance of disruptions and increases output. If you want your team to be more productive, it’s a smart option to equip them with Wrike, a versatile project management platform.

If you’re interested in trying out Wrike, send us a direct message and we’ll get you set up.

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